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Colin Gray 1/72

Colin Gray

Colin Gray –  Tony Sonneveld comments at Wake on Friday 3 July 2015

We had some great times together since 2007 when Colin and Judy attended a PCFA Men’s Health Forum in Darling Harbour. I was always in awe at his love for Judy and admired his email updates leading up to her passing on 9th March 2009. When in Thredbo we always visited Judy’s plaque hidden between granite boulders at the top “The Cruiser “ chairlift above Merritts Mountain House.

Colin maintained the family passion for skiing by taking Lisa every year to Thredbo. Lisa is a gutsy skier even after damaging a knee in a fall in 2010. Colin focussed on Lisa’s needs over the past 6 years whilst maintaining a heavy schedule with Sydney Markets. Lisa is almost on the verge of gaining her “Ps” and she might have her eye on another smart BMW (Colin’s pride and joy).

Colin graduated as a Second Lieutenant at the Officer Training Unit, Scheyville in Class 1/72 and was posted to Infantry Corps. In a career spanning 21 years he served in command, training and operational appointments in Australia, Europe, South-East Asia and with UNTSO in the Middle East. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and served as SO1 Organisation, Land Headquarters, before retiring from full time military service in 1993. He continued to serve in the Army Reserve with Land Headquarters until 1997. As well as being a graduate of the Australian Army’s Command and Staff College, he was a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Our activities shared together

ANZAC Day marches 2009-2015, Officer Training Unit Association NSW dinners @ VBOM & lunches at Athenian, Concord Golf Club & other venues since 2003,

Melbourne Cup events at Victoria Barracks Officers’ Mess (VBOM Honorary Member),

Lunches with Burrcutters Union @ Mosman Hotel and Investment Group @ VBOM,

Through the Sydney Market Foundation Colin chaired many committee meetings and officiated or was MC at numerous events and functions; he was a consummate performer with Military precision ably assisted by Carol Dollar.

Mango (Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia) and Cherry Auctions at Sydney Markets raising close to $80,000 for PCFA over the last 5 years.

Sydney Market Foundation functions at Rosehill races & Gala evenings where I got to meet his brother Les, daughter Melani and son Zion, Colin was a proud grandfather to Melani’s children.

ANZUP “Below the Belt” Pedalthon at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.

Colin and the Mango Auction team were honoured by PCFA at Kirribilli House & NSW Government House over many years in recognition of funds generated for prostate cancer research.

My thoughts and prayers have been with Colin during his extended ordeal at Macquarie University and Greenwich Hospitals. OTU members at the 50th Anniversary of National Service Commemoration in Canberra offered their condolences last Tuesday.

May Colin now “Rest in Peace” without pain or suffering !!

Your mate, Tony Sonneveld OAM

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David Mee 3/66

David Richard Mee   passed away in a British hospital on 8 June 2013.

     David Mee (3/66) by Maggie Mee with Neil Leckie (3/68)         David Mee









David Richard Mee was born in Tasmania on 5 April 1945. A deferment saw David commence his NS on 13 July 1966 at 2 RTB Puckapunyal as 6708589 Recruit Mee and at OTU Scheyville on   29 Jul 1966 as Cadet Mee.

On 23 December 1966 Graduate Number 293 2Lt Mee was posted to 32 Small Ships Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers (Transportation) or RAE (Tn).

David   served the rest of his National Service with 32 Small Ships. 

During 1967 and 1968 David spent time in Vietnam, although his name does not appear on the Vietnam Veterans Roll.

This is, according to the 32 Small Ships Association, not unusual.

The ships were in and out of Vietnamese waters regularly and Roll Keeping on the ships did not always indicate whether  members were considered in Vietnam or not.


After National Service David decided to become a Chef and studied in Nancy in France and in Italy. He travelled the world working cooking up a storm for diners – his speciality was French &   Italian.

David married and had two daughters Gemma & Katrina. There would be four English born Grandchildren and later a Melbourne born Great Grand-daughter.

In 1987 David married Maggie in Scotland and at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988, he was assigned to take care of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In 1989 Dave and Maggie returned to Tasmania staying in Sheffield, near Devonport, with his family before eventually building their first home in Woodbridge in Tassie. David worked at the local pub and enabled them to win the best restaurant in Australia.

From Tassie, David and Maggie moved to Melbourne and David worked in a number of restaurants and also in Aged Care Homes sharing his love of cooking.

In 2004 Maggie was appointed to be the Head of Retail Banking for ANZ PNG. Dave said “go for it”! He then ‘consulted’ for the Holiday Inn in PNG and taught at the local TAFE, his students calling him ‘Mr Wash Wash’ as he was always making then wash their hands before, during & after cooking!

He taught a lad who was deaf and dumb how to become a butcher – so inspiring!!!

David was proud to be both an Australian and a Scheyvillian and was still competitive even in later life playing Lawn Bowls including for PNG. In 2008, David received his National Service Medal from Peter Costello at his constituency in Melbourne. David and Maggie travelled the world together with their last overseas adventure including a visit to Malta.

Maggie said: ‘He was passionate, kind, warm-hearted and believed that you could achieve anything!!!! His Army experience left an indelible mark and also from an emotional perspective in what he experienced in Vietnam, however, he never let that stop his love of life and even in the last days of his life “he was so brave”. He is and always will be for me irreplaceable!!!!!’


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Lyle Brown 1/65

Lyle Brown An original (1/65) Graduate Number 63 (Frank Miller 4/67)

Lyle Brown was born on 29 June 1945 and commenced his NS at 2 RTB on 30 June 1965 as 3787210 Recruit Brown. On 16 Jul 1965 Lyle became Cadet Brown at OTU in the first class at OTU, Class 1/65. Lyle had some previous military experience having served with No. 7 Flight Air Cadets, gaining the rank of Corporal in his first year, 1958, at now defunct Coburg High School.


With another Cadet from nearby Pascoe Vale, Lindsay Robbins, Lyle featured on Page 1 of The Coburg Courier on 21 December 1965. Lindsay and Lyle had done some socializing together while at OTU, even venturing to Mt Panorama at Bathurst in Lindsay’s car to watch most of the ‘Armstrong 500’. Lindsay owned what he described as a ‘decrepit’ 1960 VW (engine died shortly after Graduation).

(No doubt before ‘low flying’ back to Scheyville before the dreaded cut-off time for leave – Ed)


On graduating from OTU on 18 December 1965 Lyle was posted to the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps and undertook Corps Training followed by some time as a Platoon Commander back at 2 RTB. Lyle was enjoying the Army life and transferred to the Australian Staff Corps in Sep 1966. A posting as Assistant QM of 2 PIR in PNG was followed by a tour of Vietnam from 10 December 1970 to 23 August 1971 with 102 Field Workshop Stores Section. Lyle served twenty years in the ARA retiring with the rank of Major.


Lyle Brown passed away suddenly on 13 February this year following a stroke. He was one of those special people who were in the very first Class at Scheyville. It is interesting to note that, being born on the 29 June 1945, he started his National Service the day after his twentieth birthday.


In 1973 Lyle joined the Masonic Lodge and remained a committed member serving in the higher echelons up until his passing. As well as, and to an extent, in conjunction with, his Freemasonry activities he was actively involved with the RSL and the Vietnam Veterans.


Lyle’s funeral was held on 20th February in the Springvale (Melbourne) Crematorium’s Boyd Chapel which was filled to over flowing. The funeral included a Masonic Service and an RSL Service. There was also a collage of photos of his time at Scheyville. It was a fitting celebration of the life of a man who gave so much and was attended by six Scheyvillians: Classmates David Sabben and Tony Trevethick, Junior Classmate Rob Youl (2/65), Alistair Pope (4/66), Frank Miller (4/67) and Gus Steegstra (3/70).


The association’s sincerest condolences go to Lyle’s wife, Beth, and the family.