national executive Forums Anything recognition of achievement by scheyvillians out side vietnam awards

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    Warren Campbell

    there are several persons that qualify for recognition eg Brian Vickery(OAM) 1/66 — there must be more –members could help in this matter

    Malcolm Smith

    Hi Warren,
    Mal SMITH. 3/66. Awards. CMG, MBE, DFC and member of the PNG parliament and Governor of Eastern Highland Province for ten years

    Ian Dennis

    Interesting idea. Many of us have achieved more outside the military than inside. Ian Dennis 3/66

    Norm Jensen

    With the recent passing of Tim Fischer (3/66) I am aware of at least two other Scheyville Graduates who were elected to an Australia Parliament or Legislative Assembly – Geoff Kennett (3/68) who became Premier of Victoria and myself Norm Jensen (2/66) who was elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly in 1989 when the ACT was granted self government. Are there any others?

    John Howe

    I was awarded the OAM in 2009. Not sure if you wanted this info.
    All the best,
    Dr John Howe 2/66

    Ross Tucker

    I was awarded the OAM in June 2014 for services to local government and the community of Mullumbimby.
    I was in Vietnam 1969-70. We lost to the communists
    I was in local government for 21 years (Byron Shire Council). We lost to the Greens.
    Same thing really. It just took a bloody sight longer.
    Ross Tucker 3/67

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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