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Copyright Statement

The Officer Training Unit Association asserts the right to be recognised as author of this material and the right to have its material remain unaltered.

Except for purposes permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, use of this material should only be in accordance with the copyright statements appearing on individual Officer Training Unit Association publications.

In the absence of such statements, please contact us for conditions governing the use of Officer Training Unit Association material.

© 2005 Officer Training Unit Association Inc.

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National Committee

National Chairman Frank Millerchairman@otu.asn.au03 9561 3630
National Deputy Chairman Robin 0429 827 807
National Secretary Bernie 03 9850 1575
National Treasurer Ray Eldertreasurer@otu.asn.au03 9533 1810
National Membership Graeme Chestermembership@otu.asn.au03 5962 5839
National Youth Leadership Frank Miller 9561 3630
NSW  Chapter Chairman John 136 517
ACT  Co-ordinator Winston
02 6255 9868
QLD  Chapter Chairman Mick 
SA  Co-ordinator Gary
0414 762 525
TAS  Chapter Chairman Dennis
03 6247 3892
WA  Chapter Chairman David
0417 927 146
Editor Scheyvillian Neil 03 5333 1383
Web Master Roger Nationwebmaster@otu.asn.au03 5241 3441


Postal Address:
3/49   John Street    Lower Templestowe   Victoria    3107

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Membership Information



To be eligible to become a Member of the OTU Association you simply have had to share the Scheyville Experience.

This means that your are either a graduate, a member of the instructing staff or to have been selected for Scheyville but not completed the course.

A membership aplication can be obtained electronically through contacting the Membership Officer at

The annual subscription is currently $50 per year and is due by July each year.


What do you get for your membership?

  • You receive three issues a year of The Scheyvillian, a magazine full of news of Scheyvillians and their activities.
  • You have access to the Membership data bases via the website, so you are able to contact former classmates, or other Members whatever your needs.
  • You will receive email and posted advice of events through your local State Chapter.
  • You will be contacted by class reunion organisers regarding forthcoming activities.
  • You will have a sense of belonging and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Scheyvillians.
  • You will be able to order OTU merchandise through the Quartermaster.
  • You can update your personal details on line.