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Membership Renewal Notice 2020/2021

            2 July 2021





It is now time to renew your financial membership for 2021/2022.  We had 650 financial members supporting the Association in 2020/2021, which, coincidentally, was the same as we had at the end of 2019/2020.  It would appear that we might be ‘plateauing’, but it is pleasing to see that we have retained our financial membership well above the 600 mark. We are finding that, as our members start to retire from work, they are enjoying the activities that the Association provides and are seeking out their classmates.

If you have not been financial, but have enjoyed the fellowship that the Association offers through Chapter activities, ANZAC Day marches/functions, class reunions, The Scheyvillian, OTU merchandise and the Coffee Table Book, please consider supporting the Association in 2021/2022 by becoming a financial member.  If you no longer wish to be part of the OTU Association, just return the Membership Renewal Form notated accordingly.


Three options are available when renewing your financial membership:

  1. Complete the attached Membership Renewal Form, attach a cheque, and send it to our Treasurer.
  2. Use the information on the attached Membership Renewal Form to pay by Direct Debit.
  3. Access the website,, and pay by PayPal.

(To do this you will need to log in using your regimental number & surname, then go to the Q Store tab on the top menu. After adding a subscription to your cart, click on “checkout” not “continue shopping”). You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this secure credit card gateway.

If you are paying by direct debit, or PayPal, please also take the time to check your personal profile on the website and update your details.

It would help if the bulk of our membership renewals were completed by

31 July 2021. 


nil bastardum carborundum,


Graeme Chester 2/67

OTU Association Membership Office

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