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Lachlan (Lachy) Warlters 2/67


Lachlan (Lachy) Francis WARLTERS (2/67) was born in Sydney on 15th July 1946.  He was educated at Taree High School and prior to being called up for National Service in 1967, he was a trainee accountant.

2787002 Lachlan (Lachy) Francis Warlters, Graduate Number 507, Class of 2/67 was allocated to RAAOC and was posted to 1 COD on 9 October 1967. He was attached to 2 BOD on 18 March 1968 transferred to 2 BOD on 1 May. On 1 December 1968 he joined the Australian Staff Corps on a Short-Service Commission and 10 January 1969 saw Lachy posted to 10 OFP. Then on 24 March 1969 Lachy was transferred to 5 RAR as the Assistant QM and was promoted to Lieutenant on 2 May 1971. His last posting was on 14 Mar 1972 as OC of 1 Fd Eng Regt Workshop Stores Section.

Post Army, he returned to civvie street where he held many positions starting with being a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Sydney. He changed jobs many times during his working career and his last job was in warehousing where he used his Army trained skills to bring a floundering company’s logistic processes up to current standards. He had finally found his niche in the commercial world. Regrettably, Lachy decided not to become involved with Army matters and sadly most of his class mates lost touch until our 40th reunion in 2007.

Lachy married Stephanie (whom many of his class mates would remember as we were regularly hosted by Steph’s Mum and Dad – Lawrie and ‘Woogsy” – at their home in Lane Cove) on 8th June 1968. They had two children – Adam born in 1971 and Emma born in 1974). Emma delivered Lachy and Steph three grandchildren with a fourth being born in July 2013.

In his latter years, Lachy became deeply involved with sailing and for a period was the Commodore of the Moreton Bay Sailing Club. He participated in activities such as racing, safety and navigation instructions and was a keen member of the Volunteer Sea Rescue component of the Club. Adam recalls fondly that Lachy would take him and others out in the boat for a day’s fishing; but Lachy was not a fisherman and would relax in the boat reading while all others would spend their time fishing.

Lachy was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2011 and sadly passed away on the 6th March 2012 in Brisbane.











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