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Russell Green 1/70



3797897 Russell Webster Green was born in Melbourne on 7 January 1945 and completed his education at Wesley College, Melbourne. He attended Royal Melb Institute of Technology and gained a Fellowship Diploma in Accounting. Before entering the Army as a National Serviceman he was employed as an Accountant at the Preston and Northcote Hospital (PANCH). He graduated 43rd in Class 1/70, OTU Graduate number 1118, and was posted to RAAOC at Army Headquarters Directorate of Ordnance Services. Russell discharged at the completion of his NS. Russell died on 3 April 2012. His funeral was held at The Boulevard, Kew on 11 April and was attended by:

Clive Badelow (ACT–4/69), Jeff Gitsham (SA-4/69), Dave Maddison (Vic-4/67), Frank Miller (Vic-4/67), Tony Roberts (Qld) and Ian Tucker (Vic-4/67).

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