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Ross Adams 2/69


 Sapper 2791648, Graduate Number 983, Ross Anthony Adams.


Ross was born on 20th October 1949 and commenced his NS on 10th February 1969, graduating with Class 2/69 on 4th October 1969 into the RACT and was posted to 10 Movement Control Group. During his NS he was posted to 32nd Small Ship Sqn, 40 Water Tpt Sqn (Hvy) and 109 Tpt Coy. Ross extended his NS until 9th May 1972 then transferred to the ARA where he was posted to JTC Canungra (Movt Offr), HQ 3rd Transport Company, Brisbane Water Transport Unit,   HQ 1st Transport & Movement Group, HQ 1st Division, Movement Division HQ Logistic Command, HQ Logistic Command, HQ 1st Division Transport, HQ 1st Military District and 1st Ground Liaison Group. Ross discharged from the ARA on 12th February 1989 with the rank of Major. After his military service, Ross pursued a legal career with his own practice at Sunnybank, Brisbane. During his service Ross was awarded The Defence Force Service Medal, The Australian Defence Medal and The Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972.



Ross’s funeral was arranged by his son Robert, and will took place at the Mt Gravatt Crematorium Chapel on 21st September 12011.


Eulogy: (Kevin Richardson – 2/69)

My name is Kevin and I am very proud to say that like Ross many of the gents here today we are members of a very unique group of guys called the Class of 2/69, as well as other members of the OTU Scheyville Association. In 1969 the Army took a group of young guys from many and varied professional fields around Australia, trained them, graduated them as Officers in the Australian Army and then released most of them back into their civilian occupations two years later.

I consider us a very unique group because on the 20th October this year at Norfolk Island, 42 years after the government of the day joined us together as a class, we are celebrating yet another reunion.

This particular reunion takes on more meaning for the boys of 2/69 and their partners, as it was Ross, despite his illness and other problems, with the aid of his great mate Rob Wilson, who did the ‘recce’, and planned all the details to ensure that this reunion would be as successful and memorable as all the other reunions we have held.

I remember in particular Rob advising some us that during all the planning for this event, and despite Ross’s failing health, nothing was going to stand in his way to ensure the success of this event and I am sure at the appropriate time on Norfolk at one of our dinners we will all rise and drink a toast to our mate and brother 2of 69.

On a personal note I remember Ross inviting my wife Kath and I some 18 months ago, to Brisbane for the weekend to meet Nicki, as she had yet to meet all the 2/69s and their partners, and although far from being well he insisted on taking us to some wonderful places and in particular to one of his favorite lunch spots, so that we could get to know Nicki, and being Ross, his generosity shone through and he insisted on meeting all the expenses for the weekend.

At a point in time during lunch he was noticeable unwell, but rather than dwell on his own discomfort he related to me one of what he called the benefits of having his stomach removed.

He related a party trick he did once by downing a complete bottle of scotch in one swallow.

As he recounts to the amazement of all present he showed no signs of being drunk and as Ross explained to me, without a stomach you cannot get drunk.

He then laughed and he said he only did it the once as he had no taste buds as a result of his condition and he would not waste good money on what he could not taste.

Ross did have a bucket list and there were two things on his list stood out for me. The first was a phone call I received at work one day from Rosco telling me he was attending to one of the items on his bucket list. When I asked which one and what it was, he advised he was in a helicopter flying over the Apostles, and I had not heard him so happy and excited for such a long time.

Another part of his bucket list was a very special OTU 2/69 dinner that took place in Brisbane earlier this year. As Rosco said to me, I could have all my friends around me and have a drink with them and say my own goodbyes to each of us present on that night.

We will all remember with great affection his spirit and enthusiasm that evening

And finally one last thought. Ross, I believe, would liked to have been passed on to all present and in particular to you Nicki, Ross’s mother Nita and the rest of the family now he is at rest.






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