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2011 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held at
Toorak Services Club
72 Clendon Road
1805 hrs
Wednesday 3rd August 2011
1. Attendees
Frank Miller, Peter Don, Neil Leckie, Brian Scantlebury, Roger Nation,
Graeme Chester, Robin Hunt, Rob Youl.
2. Apologies
Tim Fischer.
Apologies and nominating the Chairman, Frank Miller as proxy:
Giles Waterman, Michael Shum, Ray Andrews, David Maddison, Wal Hall,
Gerard Garard, Tony Sonneveld, Gary Vial, Jay McDaniell, Phil Warwick, Peter Whitelaw, Greg Todd, Colin Cooper, Ian Kelly, Peter Hateley, Vince Berne, Brian Cooper, Colin Lindsay.
Apologies and nominating the Secretary Roger Nation as proxy:
Wayne Bruce, Max Almond, Bob Sande.
Apologies and nominating Rob Youl as proxy:
Dennis Townsend.
3. Previous Minutes
The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 1 September 2010, as circulated, were accepted as a true and correct record of proceedings.
N. Leckie / Frank Miller Carried.
4. Chairman’s Report
Frank Miller tabled the 2010-11 Chairman’s report, as published in the 2/2011 edition of The Scheyvillian on page 10. A copy is attached to these minutes as appendix A.
F. Miller / R. Hunt Carried
5. Financial Report
In the absence of the Treasurer, the Chairman sought dispensation from the meeting for the Executive to be given power to approve the audited accounts when they become available. A copy of these reports is attached as appendix B.
The meeting resolved to re-appoint Harold Moyle as auditor.
F. Miller / R. Nation Carried
6. Membership Report
Graeme Chester reported as follows:
Number of Graduates/Staff 1880
Number on Database (Incl DNG) 1542
Number Financial 268
Number Honorary 14
Number Deceased 89
Number Unfinancial (Not Renewed) 1029
Number Unfinancial (Do Not Contact) 142
Totals 1880 1542 282 1260
Of the graduates/staff 82% are on the database.
Of the names on database 18.3% are financial / honorary.
Of the names on the database 5.7% are deceased.
Of the names on the database 66.8% are unfinancial (not renewed)
Of the names on the database 9.2% are unfinancial (do not contact)
F. Miller / R. Nation Carried
7. Scheyvillian
Neil Leckie reported that the 2/2011 edition was distributed at the end of July.
167 members have requested a hard copy, the remainder are distributed via the website. The Editor reminded members that the magazine is only as good as the articles they submit.
The Chairman noted that the Media Officer of the NSAA has commented on the high quality of our publication.
Frank Miller / Graeme Chester Carried.
8. Webmaster
Roger Nation reported on the first 12 month’s use of the revamped website.
Apart from a minor glitch that did not reset financial members to unfinancial in the 1st July, the website has operated smoothly over the last 12 months. Several minor adjustments have been made to ensure that it is user friendly, and that its information is easily accessible to members.
Google Analytics for the past month indicates 6504 page views with 50% being new visits. Graphical representation of visits shows a marked spike on publication of the latest edition of The Scheyvillian with over 500 visits in the first 4 days after notification was sent.
The Forum section (Bulletin Board) facility is not used, but the Gallery area is popular. The Webmaster is to investigate posting the images in chronological order.
The Scheyvillian archive will be completed by the end of the year with remaining editions to be scanned and uploaded.
The webmaster noted that the events calendar is only useful if State Representatives notify the Webmaster of up-coming events in sufficient time to allow them to be published.
Access to the website data, its restriction or easing is to be discussed at National Council level next month.
The Webmaster was instructed to investigate the addition of a link to and from the Vietnam Veterans Association website.
P. Don / B. Scantlebury Carried
9. State Reports
Chairmen Frank Miller tabled his report as published in the 2/2011 edition of The Scheyvillian on page 12. A copy is attached to these minutes as Appendix C.
NSW Greg Todd provided a comprehensive summary of the OTU NSW Chapter’s activities. This report is attached to these minutes as appendix D.
These were presented by State Representatives at the June National Council Meeting, and have been published in the 2/2011 edition of The Scheyvillian,
on page 12. A copy is attached to these minutes as Appendix E.
F. Miller / N. Leckie Carried
10. Election of Office Bearers
All positions were declared vacant, and the following, whose nominations forms were received by The Secretary prior to the meeting, were elected unopposed:
Chairman; Frank Miller
Deputy Chairman; Brian Cooper
Treasurer; Ray Elder
Secretary; Roger Nation
Youth Leadership; Frank Miller
Membership; Graeme Chester
Scheyvillian articles; Neil Leckie
QM; Wayne Bruce
Webmaster; Roger Nation
R. Hunt \ P. Don Unanimous. Carried
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 18.45 hrs.
Roger Nation
Appendix A.
Much has transpired over the last twelve months within the National OTU Association. The starting point was the National Council meeting held the day after the 2010 Victorian Dinner. For the first time in many years there was a forum that included the Executive and representatives from each of the states. Much was discussed and we came away with a good understanding of how the different chapters were traveling. Modifications to the constitution that had been made to bring it more in to line with current needs and circumstances were also covered and agreed. Future directions for the organization were also identified.
It was a productive gathering and firmly set the ground rules as to “where to from here.”
The changes to the constitution were ratified at a special GM held at the start of the Geddes dinner in August.
September the 8th 2010 saw a significant event in Australia’s Military Service history. In the presence of some 4,200 NS men and their families the Governor General, her Excellency Ms. Quentin Bryce AC, dedicated the National Service Monument at the War Memorial, Canberra.
This was established to commemorate the 287,000 young men who were called up in two separate schemes for compulsory training between 1951 and 1972. 212 of these, including eight Scheyville graduates died on active service.
The OTU Association contributed to the cost of the Monument and received a pleasing recognition for doing so at the ceremony.
On the preceding evening a cocktail party was held in the Great Hall of Federal Parliament. Altogether some 1000 National Servicemen (including a number of Scheyvillians) and partners attended. The event was made even more special in that it was the first public function for the Prime Minister, Ms. Julia Gillard and Leader of the opposition, Mr. Tony Abbott, since the makeup of the new government had finally been decided some two hours before.
The day after the dedication, OTU Association President Frank Miller and Secretary Roger Nation attended a National Council meeting of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia.
Being now affiliated with that body we have two seats on the Council. It was an interesting experience that showed the two organisations have much in common that can be of mutual benefit.
In March of this year Frank and Roger took their place at another NSAA Council meeting and their AGM at Camberwell RSL.
In April, Chairman Frank attended the ACT Chapter dinner. It was an excellent night, the location being the Commonwealth Club. The guest speaker was Maj. Gen. Jim Molan AO DSC. His speech, his personal presentation, and his brilliant record confirmed him as one of our country’s great soldiers.
Also attending at the ACT dinner was Scheyvillian Editor Neil Leckie. His screening of the OTU slide show and the DVD of the impeccable 4/67 graduation parade was greatly appreciated by all there.
Membership of our Association remained at a similar level to last year – a pleasing outcome in this day and age.
Over the year three editions of “The Scheyvillian” were published. Our sincere thanks go to Editor Neil Leckie for producing such an interesting and absorbing “read”
Our commitment to the development of youth leadership continued. This year nationally, we fully sponsored 29 young people to attend the Lord and Lady Somers camps. A further 7 were funded in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Healesville.
Monies were provided to a number of State Chapters for other youth development initiatives bringing the total outlay in this area to some $15,000 for the year.
A total of $9,180 was offered to the State/Territory chapters as rebates on their subscriptions in accordance with the constitution.
The 15th May, 2011 saw the centenary celebrations for the Scheyville National Park. Altogether around 1500 people, representing those from previous past tenant bodies – the Dreadnaught Scheme, the 43rd Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Unit, the migrant era, the Officer Training Unit and the current Parks and Environment Department attended.
The OTU Association effort was spearheaded by “pocket dynamo” Tony Sonneveld and the NSW Chapter. Tony, with his characteristic drive, offered an invitation to the State Governor, Her Excellency Marie Bashir AC CVO – an invitation she graciously accepted.
OTU’s contribution was to dedicate a plaque, at the front of the main building, commemorating the last two Commandants – Brigadiers Ian Geddes and “Paddy” Outridge. In the presence of members of the two respective families Maj. Gen. Paul Irving AM PSM RFD (Class 2/72) carried out the unveiling. Some 150 OTU people and families witnessed this ceremony.
Neil Leckie put up a display of OTU memorabilia in the old gymnasium building. It was a great day.
On the administrative front the Association is seeking legal incorporation in the State of Victoria. For this to occur some minor changes must be made to the constitution and these will be discussed at the National Council meeting on 11 June. (Incorporation offers a degree of legal protection for the Executive Committee.)
Financially the organisation remains in a strong position. Much attention is now being directed to the national convention scheduled for the ANZAC weekend of 2013 in Sydney.
May I take this opportunity to thank all on the Executive Committee and the State/Territory Chapters for all their help in making the past year undoubted success it has been.
Frank Miller.
Appendix B.
Appendix C.
The past twelve months have been both rewarding and busy for the Victorian Chapter executive.
Not only have we had to manage the various state activities but also, for the second year, we have been responsible for the national body. We look back with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment on both counts.
The main Victorian activities are detailed below:-
The annual Geddes Dinner, held in August at the Toorak Services Club was a great success. Our speaker was Maj.Gen. Mike O’Brien who gave a talk on the recent re-internment of fallen Australian soldiers in Frommelles, France. It was a most interesting evening and very much appreciated by the record number who attended. Our thanks go once again to Ray Elder for organising the event.
For the first time in its six year history the annual OTU Victorian golf classic was cancelled. Heavy rain over the preceding days led to the course (and most in the Melbourne area) being closed. There will be another golf day later this year.
In November a number of Scheyvillians and their ladies spent a weekend at Woodend, north of Melbourne. The weather was perfect and we all had a good time visiting the local sights and wining and dining. Our thanks go to Peter and Shay Whitelaw for putting this together.
This year the Victorian Chapter directly sponsored eleven boys and twelve girls to attend the respective Lord and Lady Somers Camps. A further four boys and three girls were funded in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Healesville. Several of our people accepted the invitation to visit the camps and see the young “Groupers” in action.
A wine tasting and dinner evening was held in February at the Toorak Services Club. Again a pleasing number of Scheyvillians, partners and friends attended and a great night was enjoyed by all. We are grateful to Peter Hateley for running this occasion
The social tennis day was held on the grass courts at Kooyong in perfect March weather.
Following a keenly competitive day’s play we adjourned into the clubhouse for an excellent meal and refreshments. Many thanks to Colin Lindsay and Denise Cosgriff for a fine day’s playing and dining.
On yet another fine day some twenty five Victorian Scheyvillians (and one Scheyvillian wife) marched in the ANZAC day pilgrimage to the Shrine of Remembrance. Following that we adjourned to the Heroes Club where we were joined by the ladies for a sandwich lunch and refreshments. Whilst our marching standards may have slipped a little our camaraderie remains as strong as ever. It was fitting that we marched behind the OTU banner to remember our fallen comrades and all who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Since first proposed by Ray Elder this has been the fourth year that we have taken part in the march.
The annual Victorian dinner was once again held in June at the William Angliss Restaurant. The quality of the food and service was first class and we are once more indebted to Chris Coates and his team at the College. Ray Andrews did a fine job as MC and National (and State) Chairman, Frank Miller gave a talk on his post Scheyville National Service experience. All the gentlemen joined in singing the OTU song – with more enthusiasm than quality. It was a great night. Our thanks go to Roger Nation, Ray Andrews, Peter Hateley (and my good self!) for yet another fine evening.
I am most grateful to the Victorian Executive for their splendid efforts in helping us to celebrate the Scheyville experience over the past twelve months.
Sincere thanks,
Frank Miller.
Chairman, Victorian Chapter.
Appendix D.
Report to AGM in Aug 11 on activities of OTU NSW Chapter
Like other Chapters of the OTU Association, the NSW Chapter has seen significant interest from members in 2010-11. We now have around 300 men on our e-mailing list.
Our ongoing activities have been the quarterly lunches in Sydney, the Annual Dinner at Victoria Barracks Officers Mess, participation in the Sydney ANZAC Day march and the sponsorship of candidates to Lord and Lady Somers Camps each January.
On the second Thursday of May, Aug and Nov we have continued to meet to drink, lunch and tell stories. To be different, we joined in the Bar-B-Q lunch at Vic Barracks Officer’s Mess on the second Friday in Feb 11, but still drank, lunched and told stories – old people can only cope with a small amount of change! The other lunches were at either the Concord Golf Club or Drummoyne Rowers Club. Our thanks go to Paul Meldrum and David Longhurst for arranging these venues. An active population of around 80 from Sydney and near-country areas (and the occasional member from further afield) have self-selected according to work, travel, RAP and other commitments to produce a squad of around 20 at each lunch. It is extraordinary how many of our members believe that international travel is a reason for missing an OTU lunch!
We are continuing the habit and keeping the options of Central Sydney and Western Sydney venues available. The remaining dates for 2011 are 11 Aug (Concord) and 10 Nov (Drummoyne)
Annual Dinner
We dined with partners and guests at the Officers Mess of Victoria Barracks, Paddington on 25 Jun 11 – 42 attended. Each year we invite the young people we sponsor to Lord/Lady Somers Camps, their parents and a school representative to join us. We usually oblige the youngsters to address the gathered throng for a few minutes on the experience and their significant learnings. It is always most satisfying to hear their enthusiastic comments and those of their parents and teachers.
The date for the 2012 Dinner is yet to be finalised since it must fit into the Mess’s programme.
Youth Leadership
We sponsored 2 boys and 4 girls to attend Lord/Lady Somers Camps in Jan 11. These Year-11 students are selected by experienced teachers from a number of public secondary schools in the Sydney metro area. The candidates are chosen using a variety of criteria, notably for their potential to contribute to their school communities.
We are extremely grateful for the assistance of Paul Ford for his chauffeuring of our young people from Melbourne Airport to the Powerhouse and return.
We expect to send a similar number of boys and girls to the camps in Jan 12.
ANZAC Day March in Sydney
Dick Adams again organised our participation in the Sydney ANZAC Day march as an independent contingent and for lunch, etc. afterwards at the Masonic Club.
Understandably, many from country areas apologised due to existing commitments in their communities. Because ANZAC Day 2011 was during Easter, we also had apologies due to family obligations. Others marched with other units, but joined us for lunch. 32 marched behind the OTU banner and most stayed to lunch with us.
We are looking to repeat the activity in 2012.
Scheyville Site Centenary
Much has already been said in the last edition of our Journal about this event.
However, I want to pay particular credit to Tony Sonneveld not only for his extraordinary organising of the memorial plaque on the Association’s behalf, but also for his ability to enhance all aspects of the event when National Parks staff were having great difficulties and looked like “dropping the bundle”.
Nil B C
Greg Todd
NSW Chapter
Appendix E.
State Chapter reports:
WA: Jay McDaniell presented the WA report. Quarterly lunches and reunions tend to be popular, but membership has declined due to several years of inactivity at national level. WA channels its Youth Leadership activities to the Leuuwin Foundation and Jay presented a comprehensive report on this activity.
SA: Gary Vial reported that there had been minimal activities in South Australia this year and that the most successful are class related. Neil Kernot has attempted to hold lunches with very limited success.
Youth Leadership funds are channeled towards Operation Flinders, a leadership scheme using the Flinders Ranges as a training ground for kids at risk.
Tasmania: Dennis Townsend reported that the chapter is too small to incorporate, and they don’t march on ANZAC Dy. They are looking at increasing contact with local Scheyvillians via social functions, and so far this year two events have attracted 12 individuals out of a possible 25 members. A recent Victorian / Tasmanian lunch in Launceston attracted three new attendees. They have had some discussions with Rotary and cadet units regarding youth leadership, but may look at sending youths to Lord Somers. Denis also reported that he has been appointed Regimental Colonel of the Tasmanian Regiment.
ACT: Winston Bucknell reported by e-mail, that the ACT Chapter is in disarray insofar as they are unable to appoint a National Council representative. Winston has indicated his willingness to take on this responsibility at the next monthly meeting.

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