OTU Song

There’s a track winding back, to a military shack,

That we all call Scheyville OTU.

Where the RSM is roaring, the lectures rather boring  

But we will soon get through.                                     

We drill and march and practice and double all day

We really know the meaning of work for our pay.     

Yes the forty hour week has gone right up the creek

Down here at Scheyville OTU.


Well we have a big square and I’m always marching there

Down here at Scheyville OTU.

Yes, I’m always upon it, beneath my battle bonnet    

And battle order too.

I get up in the morning, the sun isn’t there

I pick up my rifle and run to the square.

Yes, we have some marvellous marches

But I’m getting falling arches

Here at Scheyville OTU.


There’s a thing new to me the instructors call PT

Down here at Scheyville OTU.

I have a lot of trouble, they always make me double              

And do my push-ups too

With squats and curls and insteps, it’s really a curse   

They say things will get better, but so far they’ve got worse.

To be fit must be great, but I’ll never make it, mate

Down here at Scheyville OTU.