Scheyvillians killed in action in Vietnam

John Fraser                      2/65              John was OC 9 Pl, C Coy, 3RAR. Killed 24 March 1968 on Hill 323 in the Long Hai Range, when he put both feet onto a VC mine.
Alan Jellie                         3/67              Alan was killed in action when the Pilatus Porter he was flying with 161 Independent Recce Flight was shot down on 3 December 1969.
Terrence Langlands        2/67           Terrence was a Pl Comd in 1RAR, 1967 – 1968 tour. He was KIA in a contact near Da Nang, 24 November 1968.
Ian Mathers                      1/70              Ian was one of the three Aussies killed in a VC contact in Long Khanh on 7 June 1971. The other two were RAAF.
David Paterson                1/67              David signed on after NS to go to SVN with 3RAR. He was shot in the head during a contact on the 20 March 1971, in Phouc Tuy Province.
Kerry Rinkin                     1/65              Kerry served with 5RAR in 1966 – 1967. Wounded by mine blast 7 April 1967. He died three hours later at 2 Field Ambulance, Vung Tau.
Gordon Sharp                   1/65              Gordon was OC 11 Pln, D Coy, 6RAR at the Battle of Long Tan on 18 August 1966. He was killed early in the battle whilst organising platoon defence.
Leonard Taylor                1/66              Leonard signed on for another year to accompany 3RAR to Vietnam. A Pl Comd in B Coy, he was shot in enemy contact on 8 February 1968.